Sunday, 18 December 2011

Blogger app... Happy Days =)

Oh my days, what can I say?! Imagine my excitement...

My reinstalled iPod touch just happened to be in my hands & I thought to myself, I'll just search the app store on the off chance that Blogger had finally brought out an app for iPod/iPhone & such like.

Oh WoW!!! There in all it's glory was a Blogger app & I just couldn't contain my excitement (I'm sure Jason & Claire think I'm more crazy than ever now)... I just couldn't believe it, I've been stressing on my Facebook status's for, what seems like, ages now how I wished such an app existed & low n behold, there it was & better still the app was FREE!!!

I giddily downloaded the app & logged in to see how it worked, I could see my blog... Change between this blog & my cakey blog, write new blogs & oh the possibilities were endless! Like a pig in muck, I was suitably so excited still!!!

I am now sat here, blogging away with the comfort of my iPod touch in my hand, chillaxing on the sofa while Jason is sat tapping away at his laptop keyboard in what seems to be a race to finish our blog before the other... Oh the competition?! Who shall succeed in becoming the blog champion of the evening??? Keyboard or iPod... We'll see who the victor may be!!!

Bloggedy, blog, blog, blog... I'm do happy I can blog anytime, anywhere now, the blogging world is my oyster & there'll be no stopping me now!!!

Yes, I had to log on & edit this to change the font, colour & my brackets font smaller to keep it perfectly tuned with my other blogs (OCD & all that, lol) -- I know you wouldn't expect anything less from me!

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