Monday, 19 December 2011

Photos, photos, photos...

Photo's capture the memories we want to cherish forever, we can look at them time & time again & remember very good times, they are a fantastic way of keeping memories of important milestones & a way to capture the beauty of nature.

Now I don't get to do as much photography as I would like, but I do tend to be quite snap happy when I am out & about on days out with the family & of course karaoke (I am yet to get snap happy at The Hart, but I feel next year is the year for this now I am well established at karaoke table), I do also like to take my camera to school performances & on other occasions in the past I have been known to take spontaneous photos in the garden, at the church & anywhere else where I can get something not quite so ordinary captured forever.

I own two cameras which both have great qualities, 1st is my Pink Lumix DMC-FS42 Pocket Digital Camera which never leaves my handbag so I always have a camera on hand should I see anything that attracts my eye to photograph... 2nd is my semi-professional camera the Lumix DMC-FZ28 which I absolutely love for taking really good pictures & taking to special events such as holidays, parties & weddings etc.

I don't profess to be the best photographer, as I am just an amateur really but I have been known to take some really nice photos... I think I may just start going out with my Semi-pro camera & just randomly taking pictures when out & about, I may go down St Ed's & take some photos around the church.

Currently I am trying to catch up with uploading various photos to my Facebook as I have nearly 500 pictures on my Pocket camera which I need to get on to my laptop so that it is free for Christmas, no doubt it will come out to karaoke on Thursday & it most definitely will be out on Friday for Alison's 25th birthday celebrations too!

Some of my more creative pictures are on deviantArt if you would like to look at them take a trip to my page Lynda-Jane's deviantART I am rather proud of my work on here, although it is a fair few years old I still rather like it & I will get back to doing more photography like this as I do miss it.  I actually have a lot of photos on my computer that need framing & uploading, but you know what it is like when you have a house to run, children to look after & every day life just getting in the way?!  I am sure one day I will get time to sit down & start doing this again & my gallery over at deviantART will grow with more artistic shots & fond memories.

Just remember, don't shy away from my camera if you see me with it... it's good to remember happy times & those memories last a lifetime, although sometimes we need a gentle reminder in the shape of a picture to bring it back to our minds most vividly!

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  1. I hate camera's being pointed at me but I'll try to be nice to it!!!xxx