Wednesday, 15 June 2011

What a Day!

Where to begin?!  This morning we woke up & everything was going well, then Hermione awoke & the poor little poppet's left eye was swollen, red & completely shut.  Now this had flared up at dinner time yesterday & we'd given her eye drops & said to her we'd see how it was in the morning... obviously it was no better so as soon as the doctors surgery was open I was on the phone to get her an appointment!

Cameron was sent off to breakfast club, Anneliese was sent off to a friend so she didn't miss nursery & I took Hermione off to the doctors - I was amazed that there was an available appointment so early in the day, that never usually happens for me!  We arrived in plenty of time at the doctors & had a short wait in the waiting room... I must say I really like the new doctor at our surgery (I've seen him a couple of times myself) he was brilliant with Hermione & introduced himself to her, telling her to call him Nick!!!

Poor Hermione has a bad case of conjunctivitis in her left eye, she has got cream to apply 4 times a day to her eye.  We have to bathe it with cooled boiled water if it gets all blocked up again, she was also told to stay off school for the next few days & to revisit the doctor if it doesn't improve or gets any worse.

We went to the chemist to get her cream, there was a short wait for the cream so I stood outside (getting fresh air to my lungs) & I am so glad I was... not only did I bump into my friend Sandra from school, but I also bumped into my old neighbour Joann which I was so happy to see as we haven't seen each other for ages!  I then bumped into another school friend Sue on the walk home... by the time I had got home my friend Clair was waiting to pick up her daughter Lily's birthday cake!

I then had a mountain of people I needed to contact... 6 to be precise, these things never take just a few minutes do they?!  In between contacting these people I had to go pick up Anneliese from nursery, make lunch, do some washing - it's just non stop for me at the moment, I need a break!!!

Before I knew it Cameron was home from school & it was time to sort the dinner out... here's hoping for a quieter day tomorrow with not quite so much to do!

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