Friday, 3 June 2011


Well, I thought I ought to write this in blue... but for whatever reason even that won't work for me, I am feeling rather blue at the moment! Duncan left for work this morning just after 7.30am but I won't see him now for just over a week as he is off with the lads to France fishing for a week. He has been in previous years both 2007 & 2008 but the children were much younger then & a bit easier to handle ;)

He will be spending the week with Mark, Alf, Andy & Clive... I am sure they'll all have a great time catching mainly fish, maybe an odd duck or even a rat?! But it's so amazing how much I am missing him already even though today has not been that eventful, it's wierd!!!

I thought I better blog as I haven't blogged since March & already it is June - where oh where has this year gone?!?!?! We're half way through almost, I can't believe it!!! I suppose going to karaoke with my friend Elaine tonight might help me cheer up, but it won't be the same without Duncan doing it... I do love Funky Mike, but not quite as much as I love Duncan!

Trying to keep busy by planning a charity event I have coming up next month, it's almost as manic as cupcake wars although not quite so bad & doing it single handed I will have more time to bake & create, just organising all my packaging supplies ready to order for the event & deciding what flavour cupcakes I am doing... no spoilers though, so if you want to sample some you will have to come along to the event & purchase them! You can find out more about the event here:

I am now going to have a little bit of chill out time with a couple of games of Bejeweled Blitz or Zuma on Facebook as the little lady has been out with a friend this afternoon & will be home soon & the older two are busy playing LBP2 on the PS3 - so I may as well do something I enjoy before starting the dinner etc!

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