Tuesday, 12 July 2011

There's A New Arrival!!!

Firstly, apologies for not Blogging sooner but I have been so hectic with cake making that I just haven't had time to turn on the laptop let alone Blog!

On Sunday July 3rd it was Cameron's birthday... he was 10 this year, where does the time go?!  We had been to a friends wedding on the Saturday where another friend had told me & Duncan about her sisters kitten that needed a new home, she showed us a picture & what can I say???  He was adorable!!!  We fell in love with him & Duncan liked the name, so it stuck... Colin!

We have had Colin a little over a week as we picked him up the evening of Cameron's birthday & he has settled into the home just nicely, although he is a cheeky little character & full of mischief when he's not sleeping!!!

Oliver is quite used to him & friendly with him, although Pebbles still let's him know who's boss - this little kitten needs to know his place, Lol!  On meeting Merlin, Colin decided to let him know who was boss... this was quite funny as the other 2 cats tend to avoid the dog, not Colin though - he hissed & growled & made Merlin back away!  Not bad for a 9 week old kitten eh?!

He is now just over 10 weeks old & really come out of his shell, the girls love him to death almost... but he doesn't seem to mind all the fuss they give him =)

He had his first vaccination on Saturday, which he didn't feel at all - but it did leave him incredibly knocked out... the poor little mite slept pretty much all day & wasn't back to his normal self until Sunday, but he is as right as rain now (didn't keep him down for long) Lol.  His second vaccination is booked in for July 30th, the day after my birthday so we booked him in for 11am rather than an early appointment as it's bound to be a late night/early morning on the 29th (a little lie in will be more than needed) but hey, it's my birthday so it would be wrong not to celebrate!

He's certainly a little cutie, wouldn't you agree???

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