Sunday, 24 June 2007

What a BuSy week...

How busy am I this week??? As it stands at this moment I have the following going on:

  • Monday - Bounce Back course after school with Cameron 3.30pm - 4.45pm
  • Tuesday - My friend Sam is over with her 1 yr old Freddie in the am, then after dropping Hermione at Nursery at 12.45pm I am helping out at the school for their special fund-raising day 1pm - 3pm, then I go to Slimming World at 6.15pm (I weigh everyone so have to get thee early)
  • Wednesday - Taking Anneliese to baby clinic at 1.30pm to get her weighed (it's been 4 weeks since she was last weighed) , then Cameron is off to the Dr's at 4.10pm
  • Thursday - Anneliese has her 3rd set of vaccinations at 4.30pm, then I m out at Karaoke 9pm as Duncan has a new monthly gig
  • Friday - My friend Sam is over in the am again with Freddie
  • Saturday - we have another friends little girls 1st birthday party & BBQ at 2.30pm

Bound to get some other friends wanting to meet up for coffee during the week sometime too, god knows when I will fit it in with all the housework & feeding Anneliese & everything else - LOL!!!

A woman's work is never done...

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