Thursday, 28 June 2007

Bzzz Bzzz Bzzz, Nasty Little Critters!!!

What did Duncan find in the garden on Saturday??? Well, we believe it is a type of wasps nest, but maybe it's a type of hornet - who knows as we've never seen anything like it!!! I've emailed 'What's That Bug?' to see if I can gt an exact ID on them, I think they may be Paper Wasps - but I am not 100% certain!

The critters that were building it & residing there looked like standard wasps but in reverse, ie: instead of having a mainly yellow body with black stripes, they had a mainly black body with yellow stripes - WEIRD!!!

We got some Nippon nest killer spray from the Garden Center & when Duncan got in at 1am after his gig, he did the task of spraying it in their entrance while they were sleeping - that's how I managed to get a shot of one of them... Funny looking things, aren't they?

I also spotted this strange beetle in the garden, lovely shade of red don't ya think???

Wonder what other critters I'll come across this year in the UK?
Watch this space for more weird & wonderful creepy crawlies...

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