Sunday, 27 May 2007

Why Does It All Go Wrong???

Look at those gorgeous blue eyes & that wonderful smile... Makes everything else seem trivial doesn't it???

Well, this week I am very sad, the first reason being that one of my very best friends Laura moved back to Canada... I am very pleased for her to be going back home, but am sad that I won't be seeing her every week for Latte at Costa coffee anymore.

We will have known each other 2 yrs this September & it was fate that brought us together via a course we were both doing - we just clicked from the moment we met & have been great friends ever since! I shall miss her dearly.

The 2nd reason I am sad this week is because of my lil lady's weight gain, when she was last weighed on April 25th, they had marked down in her book that she was 11lb 15oz instead of 10lb 15oz - now this in itself is not too trivial as the chart is done in kg, so her weight was plotted right on the growth chart.

Well, I had her weighed this week on May 23rd & she was just 11lb 12oz, this is obviously still a good weight but the reason I am sad is because she started off on the 91st centile when she was born & dropped down only 1 centile to just under the 75th centile which she was following quite nicely...

She is now almost down to the 25th centile, which is concerning me a lot as that's almost another 2 centile's she has dropped in just a month. Now the other 2 children when they were babies never dropped too far from the centile they were born on - Cameron started off on the 98th centile & dropped down to the 75th but then he went back up to the 91st centile & pretty much stayed around those 2 centiles... Hermione started on the 91st centile & dropped down to the 75th centile & is still following that perfectly, so you can see why I am just a bit concerned by this.

All of the children have been exclusively breast fed & I am hoping that I don't have to stop early with Anneliese, but I am concerned that my milk supply is not doing enough for her or maybe it's to do with her floppy larynx (
Laryngomalacia) as she is quite a sickly baby which the other 2 weren't, I am sure that's caused by this condition!

On a brighter note, all the children have had Chicken Pox now... Hermione was the first to get it on Monday 30th April, she was quite grumpy the first few days but wasn't too spotty & seemed to get over it quite quickly... Cameron soon followed getting it on Wednesday 16th May & bless him he had it by far the worst - he was covered from top to toe & had it everywhere including his mucous membranes (eyes, mouth, throat), he's still scabby now but they're all dropping off! Anneliese bless her had the mildest case ever - 1 solitary spot on her head!!! So needless to say she didn't suffer from it at all.

We've just had a week without Duncan as he's been fishing in France all week & came home last night, I took this picture last Sunday of all 3 children so he could see them all week on his phone... Don't they look good together???

Well, that's enough for tonight, off to play Neopets!!!

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  1. Awwww, you are such a darlin, I miss you too babes. I'm so glad that we were brought together and you will always be a part of my life no matter how many miles are between us. :o) Try not to worry about A, she is healthy and happy, everything we be just fine and you are a GREAT Momma! Love to you and the spotty clan. Miss you much, love you loads. XOXO